A shady spot on Legian Beach

Chandra's sunbeds on Legian Beach, Bali

Chandra’s sunbeds on Legian Beach, Bali

Any recent visitors might have noticed that our umbrellas – the old red ones provided by Coca Cola – were looking a bit tatty. Well, we’re pleased to announce that our beach beds now have smart new umbrellas to keep the sun off you while you’re relaxing on Legian Beach.

Our new umbrellas are a lovely deep blue to match the cushions, which we had newly made a few months ago. They also now feature the business name, so as you walk along the beach it’s easy to spot Chandra’s Sunbeds and Surfing.

Chandra's sunbeds Bali
So if you’re coming to Bali and want to relax on the beach in comfort but stay out of the sun, you can rent 2 sunbeds for just 100,000 IDR for the whole day – we don’t charge by the hour like some other places. We’ll throw in friendly service for good measure, and don’t forget you can learn to surf with us while you’re in Bali too!

If you want to find out more about the sunbed + surf packages we offer, check out our surfing prices or contact us directly. We hope to see you soon!

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