Chandra’s Surfing Bali: Frequently Asked Questions


I have never surfed before. Can I still come and surf with you?
Yes, absolutely! Legian beach is one of the best places in Bali to learn to surf because the waves are not too big and the beach is soft and sandy. We have soft top surfboards to suit beginners who are learning to surf, and your instructor will start by taking you through the basics of how to stand on the board. Most people are able to catch at least one wave during their first lesson with us.

Do you offer private surf lessons in Bali?
Yes, we offer private surf lessons on Legian Beach, Bali. In fact, all of our surf lessons are private – just you or your group and your instructor(s). Some surf schools take out very large groups but we believe you get a better surfing experience when an instructor works closely with just two or three people at most.

children's surf lessons Bali

Children are very welcome to come and surf with us!

Do you do surf lessons for children?
Yes, we teach wannabe surfers of all ages. In fact, we find that our younger customers are some of the quickest to pick it up! We won’t take them out in very deep water and they will always be connected to their board via a leg rope, but we ask that they are relatively confident in the water before coming for their first surf lesson.

I think surfing is too much for me. Can you teach me to bodyboard instead?
Of course! If you want to learn to bodyboard in Bali instead, we can help with that too. Your instructor can show you where the best place is to catch a wave and will stay in the water with you for as long as it takes for you to pick it up. You can also rent a bodyboard on an hourly/daily basis.

Do I need to pay for board rental as well as a surf lesson?
No, the price of a surf lesson includes rental of everything you need including a surf board, leg rope and rash guard. If you want to practice by yourself after your lesson has ended, our normal surf board rental prices will apply. Don’t forget that surfing photography is also included in our surf lessons – once you’re standing successfully we’ll capture the moment on camera for you.

What should I bring to my surf lesson?
We recommend you drink plenty of water before and after your lesson, but if you don’t want to bring your own you can by it from any of the bars right on the beach. Bring a towel, sunscreen and your usual swimming gear.

Do I need insurance?
We don’t offer insurance against any loss or injury while you’re surfing with us so we STRONGLY ADVISE you ensure your travel insurance covers you for surfing (which is often classed as a dangerous or extreme sport). Legian Beach is generally a safe place to learn to surf since it’s sandy (no rocks or coral), the water isn’t deep and there are always lifeguards keeping a lookout. We don’t require you to have your own insurance if you want to surf with us, but if you choose to surf uninsured it’s at your own risk.

Surf board rental

Do you offer long-term board rental?
If you want to significantly improve your surfing skills you can rent a surf board from us for several days or more, and we will offer you a discount on our normal prices.

If I rent a surf board, can I take it to other beaches?
You may use our surf boards in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak (all one long beach) but we ask that any boards are returned to us at the end of each day for safe-keeping. If you want to surf in other popular spots such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Canggu there are boards available to rent at each of these places.

Sunset surfing photography in Bali


What kind of photography do you do?
We can capture some great shots of you surfing at any time of day, but the most stunning photos come from our sunset photo shoots. We can do romantic pre-wedding or maternity photo shoots for couples on the beach, or can simply capture happy memories of a family holiday in Bali.

Do you do surf photography in other parts of Bali?
At the moment we only do surf photography on Legian Beach, sorry.

How much are your photography packages?
Everybody has different requirements when it comes to photography, so we don’t advertise a fixed price but ask that you contact us with your request. Generally prices start from 200,000 IDR for a 1-hour photo shoot with photos provided to you, unedited, via Facebook or transferred to your phone, USB stick or memory card. Editing can be provided at an extra cost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or message us on Facebook and we’ll get right back to you.

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