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Surf boards for rent, Legian beachIf you want to rent a surfboard on Legian Beach, come to Chandra’s Surfing where we have a selection of soft top boards, long boards and short boards available for hire. Not sure which surf board is right for you? Don’t worry – we’ll help you choose the best board for you depending on your level and height and the wave conditions.

Soft top boards are best for beginners because they make it easier to catch a wave and offer more protection if you fall off. We have soft top boards ranging from 7’4″ (good for children learning to surf) to 9′ (giving stability for taller and larger surfers). Once you’re comfortable catching a wave with one of these, you may want to try a lighter, thinner board which gives you more control over your surfing style.

Two surfers with surfboards rented from Chandra's Surfing BaliSurfers who are already confident catching a wave will find a good variety of surfboards that are suitable for intermediate surfers.

Our surf boards are available to rent on an hourly or daily basis, and you can check our price list for surfboard rental here.

It’s no problem if you change your mind half way through your rental time and want to try a different style or size of board. You are welcome to swap your board for a different one at any point and we will do what we can to help you get the most out of your time surfing in Bali.

Please note that we don’t offer long-term board rental for people wanting to surf in other areas of Bali. We ask that you just use our boards in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak and return them to us at the end of each day. For more information about our surf board rental check our FAQs.

We also have bodyboards for rent. These are a great option for younger children who aren’t confident enough to surf, although there is certainly no age limit for enjoying catching some waves on a bodyboard! If you’ve never used a bodyboard before our instructors will be happy to show you the basics. It’s a lot easier to pick up than surfing, so you shouldn’t need a full lesson.

Bodyboards for rent in Legian, Bali

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