Surf Lessons

A beginner surf lesson in Legian Bali, learning how to lie on the surf board

We’ll start your beginner surf lesson by showing you how to lie and stand on the board.

Never surfed before?

Well, you’re in the right place because Bali is a great place to learn to surf and Legian Beach is particularly good for beginner surf lessons.

If it’s your first time surfing, we will start by choosing a board that’s the right size for you. Then, we’ll show you how to lie on the board and stand up in the correct position. Once you’ve got the hang of it on dry land, we’ll take you down to the water to practice.

Surfing is hard work, but luckily your instructor will be there to help you as you get started. He’ll push you out on your board to wherever is a good place to catch a wave, and will hold you there until the right wave comes along. Then he’ll give you a push and it’s over to you to try and stand up! He’ll watch how you do and will keep giving you feedback so you know what you’re doing right or wrong.

Children learning to surf with a private surf lesson in Bali

Your instructor will push you out until you’re at the right spot to catch a wave.

This is just one of the reasons why we exclusively offer private surf lessons, not group lessons. In some of the big-name surf schools nearby you might have to share your instructor with 6 or 7 other students, and this means you’ll use more of your time and energy paddling instead of catching waves!

Once you’ve got the hang of standing and balancing on your surf board, your instructor will teach you how to paddle out and catch a wave by yourself.

What length of surf lesson is best for beginners?

We recommend you book a two-hour lesson to cover the surfing basics and get you off to a good start as you learn to surf. If the idea of surfing for 2 hours sounds daunting, don’t worry. If you start to feel tired you can have a break, get a drink, and then continue when you’re ready. We’ll still give you 2 hours of lesson time.

Surf instructors helping beginner surfers in Legian, Bali

They really do a lot of the hard work for you!

Most of our students manage to catch at least one or two good waves during their first surf lesson with us. But just remember, everyone picks up surfing at a different pace. Learning to surf takes time and patience, but with regular practice you’ll get there!

Trying to improve?

Maybe you’ve already had one or two surf lessons, or you can catch a white wave but want to take it to the next level. Your instructor will start by having a quick chat to find out what level you’re at, then will take you out to the water on a board you’re comfortable with. During your lesson time, they will give you advice to improve your surfing technique and get more confident so that you can become a better surfer.

We have a wide range of surf boards and we’re happy for your to swap during your lesson if the one you started on is not quite right for you.

Intermediate surfer catching a wave in Legian, Bali

Legian Beach is a good place for intermediate surfers to build their skills, too.

We can also advise you on other good places to surf in Bali once you’ve mastered surfing at Legian Beach and want to try a more challenging surf break.

What’s included in surf lessons at Chandra’s Surfing Bali?

Every surf lesson booked on our website includes:

  • A private surf instructor for you or your group- a maximum of 3 people per instructor and we won’t put you into a larger lesson with another group of people
  • A rash guard to help protect your skin from the sun and the board
  • Photographs of your lesson (we’ll send you these via Facebook or transfer them to your phone or memory card)
  • Special rates on board rental and sunbeds if you book a package

Sounds good? View our prices and book with us.
Still have some questions? View our FAQ page to find out more about having private surf lessons in Legian, Bali, or contact us directly with your enquiry.

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