Remember us wherever you go with a Chandra’s Surfing t-shirt

Legian surf school t-shirt

We’re happy to announce we are now stocking our exclusive Chandra’s Surfing Bali t-shirt in both men’s and ladies’ styles. Get yours now for just 150k!

Legian surf school t-shirt

We have sizes S-XXL in dark grey for men and S-XL in cobalt blue for ladies. Both are 100% cotton with the ladies’ one in a slightly lighter weight of fabric.

The unique artwork on the back is designed from a photo of one of our customers surfing at Legian Beach. These are high-quality t-shirts with a print that’s made to last, thanks to our friends at Blue Azure.

custom t-shirt bali

How to get one

If you take one of our intensive surf courses you already get a t-shirt included in the price. Otherwise, you can grab one of our t-shirts for just 150,000 IDR when you come to visit us in Bali. Along with some photos of you surfing, you’ll have a great reminder of your time here.

Even if you don’t make it onto a surf board but have a great time hanging out at our spot on Legian Beach, you can take home one of our t-shirts as a souvenir (and we promise not to tell anyone you didn’t actually surf).

Got a trip planned soon? Stock is limited right now, but we can set aside the size(s) you want. You can send us an email or message us on Facebook to book your lesson and reserve a t-shirt in your size. We might even be able to post one to you at home if you’re not going to be back in Bali for a while.

If you’re interested in getting your own custom t-shirts made in Bali, we can highly recommend Blue Azure for quality and service. You can contact the owner, Fay, to get a quote.

Learn to surf in Bali: what to expect (video)

If you want to learn to surf in Bali, you might be wondering what to expect. Here in Legian the conditions are just right for beginner surf lessons, since the beach is sandy and shallow and the current is not too strong.

Of course, there are loads of places you can learn to surf in Legian, but here’s what makes us special:

  • We only offer private lessons, so you won’t be put in a large group of people you don’t know
  • If you come with a group of friends we’ll make sure you have at least one instructor for every three people, so you get plenty of help and attention
  • We will take some photos of you surfing and send them to you for FREE after your lesson
  • Our staff are friendly and care about you having a great time (and our reviews prove it)
  • We offer competitive prices for surf lessons

Surf lessons at Chandra’s Surfing Bali

Our friend Ivan has put together this awesome video so you can get a better idea of what to expect from your surf lessons with us:

As you can see, when you learn to surf in Bali with us, your instructor will begin by showing you the correct way to stand up on the board. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll go out to catch your very first wave.

Your instructor will help by giving you a push at the right time. Once you’re used to standing on the board, you’ll learn how to paddle and catch a wave by yourself.

We’ll capture some photos of you riding a wave and will send these to you after your lesson so you can prove you really did it!

Find out more about our surf lessons here, and just contact us if you’d like to book or have any other questions. We look forward to teaching you soon!

New surf boards

Our new surfboards

Our new surfboards

Chandra and Joni showing off two of their new surfboards

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 3 brand new surf boards to our collection!

The new additions are:

  • 7′ 8″ Soft top
  • 7′ 8″ Epoxy funboard
  • 8′ 0″ Epoxy funboard

Now we can cater for an even wider range of surf levels. The new soft top surf board is perfect for beginner surf lessons for our shorter and lighter customers, including children. The epoxy boards are suitable if you’ve mastered a soft top board and want to move to something that is lighter and gives you more control and, ultimately, more style with your surfing.

So if you’re planning to head to Bali to surf in 2014 then come and visit us! We hope to keep adding to our collection through out the next year so we’ll keep you posted.