New surf boards

Our new surfboards

Our new surfboards

Chandra and Joni showing off two of their new surfboards

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 3 brand new surf boards to our collection!

The new additions are:

  • 7′ 8″ Soft top
  • 7′ 8″ Epoxy funboard
  • 8′ 0″ Epoxy funboard

Now we can cater for an even wider range of surf levels. The new soft top surf board is perfect for beginner surf lessons for our shorter and lighter customers, including children. The epoxy boards are suitable if you’ve mastered a soft top board and want to move to something that is lighter and gives you more control and, ultimately, more style with your surfing.

So if you’re planning to head to Bali to surf in 2014 then come and visit us! We hope to keep adding to our collection through out the next year so we’ll keep you posted.